Tammy Taylor Nails

Backfill Wheel Drill Bit (2-week)


-Use for Pink & White Backfills 2-weeks

-On short free-edges; the Wheel Drill Bit is easy to control, when you do not have a lot of product at the smile-line to drill out


My Drill Bits are all made in the USA to my Specifications. Made from 100% Carbide, so they cut and file nails FAST. Made with a unique "center-less machine" that balances each drill bit as it is being shaped, so each drill bit will feel SMOOTH, without any vibration while doing nails. Coated with a specially formulated zirconium coating that CREATES LESS HEAT while drilling nails. Easy to clean. Soak in acetone to keep grooves clean and sharp, and then disinfect. Can be easily disinfected to meet State Board guidelines (will not rust or get dull). Make sure you have 2 each of your favorites, so you can disinfect one while you are using the other one. This saves time. The 3/32nd shaft, fits virtually every nail drill on the market. Use on acrylic nails and Gel nails (Do not use on natural fingernails).

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