Tammy Taylor Nails

Natural Dramatic Pink Soak-Off Nail Gel


Soak-Off Nail Gel System:

- Only 1 gel formulation is used for nail procedure

- No drills and no heavy filing is ever needed

- No damage is done to the natural nail

- Soaks off easily in acetone

- Non-Yellowing formula

- Very shiny - no polish or extra clear layer is needed

- Adheres easily to the natural nail so no base gel is needed

- Does Not burn nail when under lamp, over 50% less heat than other gels

- Flexible not brittle

- Use any 36 watt U.V. Lamp

- Use on all types of natural nails, weak nails, brittle nails, soft nails, ridged nails and normal nails.

- No Fumes  -No Odor - Non-Hazardous  Non-Flammable

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