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SCULPT™ Pro Kit Deluxe


This Kit includes:

  • 60 gr. Tube of Natural Clear SCULPT. 60 gr. Tube of Soft Pink SCULPT, 60 gr. of Warm Pink SCULPT.
  • Rose Gold Sculpt Duo Brush.
  • Stuck On You Bonder Base Gel.
  • Shape It Up Nail Liquid.
  • Glass Dappen Dish.
  • 100 Grit Purple Terminator File.
  • 180 Grit File 
  • Non-Lifting Primer
  • Xtra Long Nail Forms, 10Pk. 
  • Clean-It
  • Engraved Sculpt Tube Key 



Acrylic-Gel Hybrid is an odorless nail system. SCULPT is hard like acrylic and cures like gel, which means you get the best of both worlds. SCULPT is cured in a UV/LED and is pre-mixed for perfect consistency. When using SCULPT it has a soak-off formula, easy to learn, can be applied over any acrylic or gel, and you get the perfect C-Curve every time! 

Sculpt Duo Brush:

Very firm to easily pat and shape SCULPT, long enough to smooth SCULPT during application and hold enough liquid to stay moist and not get sticky. A curved tip to easily create an even cuticle area. This brush is hand crafted by brush artisans easy to clean with Clean-It.

  • Rose Gold Metal case for easy travel.
  • Smaller head for smaller nails, short nails and fill-ins.
  • Pointy silicone tip makes it easy to scoop and easy to place smaller beads.

SHAPE IT UP Nail Liquid:

is completely odorless and keeps your brush moist during Sculpt product application. This makes your Sculpt product easy to shape and prevents your brush from sticking to product. SHAPE IT UP does not dry out the brush or cause brittleness. Available in 2oz.


is a bonder base gel used with SCULPT. It is an easy brush on formula and cures in a UV/LED- 45 seconds in an LED and 2 minutes in a UV. Using this with SCULPT will give you optimum adhesion and adheres to the natural nail (especially nails that have lifting problems.)

100 Grit Purple Terminator File:

AKA The Purple Monster. This file can get remove anything; glitter, gel, acrylic, etc. The 100 grit strip filing surface on this file doesn't smooth down as you use it. The grits break off and make more grits, so it stays coarse. This is a great file for etching and shaping.

Long Lasting 180 Zebra File:

The 180 grit strip is a specially coated coarse zinc oxide abrasive. Easiest for shaping & filing rough, bumpy nails to a smooth finish. Use on acrylic or any other artificial nails. Files like a dream.

Non-Lifting Primer: 

Non-Lifting Primer can be used with all of our acrylic nail products. This primer is also great to erase fill-lines, apply a dab of primer to the acrylic and file. Available in 0.5oz.


A unique chemical composition that acts fast to break down the tacky layer in all types of Gel applications, to create the ultimate shine. Available in 3oz & 16oz.

Uses for Clean-It:

  • For cleaning natural nails, gel surfaces and gel brushes.
  • Use on any gel to remove the tacky layer prior to filling
  • Use to clean any type of surface before applying a gel product
  • Use to wipe gel off skin before curing
  • Keeps gel brush clean for a smoother application
  • Use to clean any nail surface after filing and before applying a gel product
Engraved Sculpt Tube Key:
Industrial strength metal key that conveniently slips onto SCULPT tube to make it easier to squeeze out Sculpt product. Lanyard makes it easy to hang at your station. 


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