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The Weekenders Full Coverage Nail Extensions System

$95.95 $104.95

The Weekenders! No-Light Adhesion System

  • Signature Sculptured Square Full Coverage Nail Tip Extensions Size XXL 40mm.
  • Natural Lightweight Square Coffin Full Coverage Nail Tip Extensions Sizes Medium-Long & Long.

Can be polished with Gelegance Gel Polish & Nail Lacquer!


Party Starter:

  • Step #1 Brush-On Gel Resin


  • Step #2 Activator/Hardener


  • Step #3 Thick Resin


  • Stay Put - Pink Putty for Nail Art Stand
  • Ready for Takeoff - Nail Art Stand w/ 5 Magnetic Nail Tip Holders

XXL Square Shape DETAILS: 

  • No light required for application
  • Beautiful Sculptured XX-Long Square Shape, C-Curve and Apex Custom Designed by Tammy Taylor
  • Superior Strength
  • Wears up to 3 weeks
  • Easy to apply on yourself or clients
  • Easily soaks off in acetone
  • Comfortable to wear (doesn't squeeze nail bed)
  • For Beginners and Nail Professionals
  • Polish and design nails before or after application
  • Perfect for Special Occasions, Holidays, Weddings & Parties
  • 180 Pieces
  • Sizes 0-10


  • Cosmetic Bag
  • Clean Finish Buffing File
  • Long Lasting 180 Zebra File
  • Plastic Manicure Brush
  • Orangewood Stick


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