Tammy Taylor Nails Canada

Wash Your Hands Kit

$40.98 $47.98

This kit includes:

  • 8oz Peach Soft Suds.
  • 8oz Peach Moisture Lotion.


Peach Soft Suds:

(Formerly known as Anti-Bacterial Soft Soak)

The cleansing formula makes for a great hand wash in the bathroom and kitchen. Wonderful as a relaxing bubble bath or for cleansing the body in the shower. This formula gently cleanses and softens without drying the skin. Available in 8oz.

Peach Moisture Lotion:

Formulated to soak into your skin and not just sit on top of. Keeps your skin moisturized throughout the entire day without any greasy feeling. Perfect for dry, cracked skin exposed to sun, water, wind or cold. Oh, and did we mention is smells EXACTLY like peach rings candy?! Available in 8oz.

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